Stadium - Obedience and Protection Phases

The location of the event venue is Reese Park (off Old Owen Rd) nestled along the Sultan River (a branch of the Skykomish River) in the quaint town of Sultan, WA (east of Monroe).
There is parking located throughout the park with a majority of it being shaded by large standing trees. Signs will be posted for a dedicated competitor parking area.
There are covered picnic tables and restrooms located next to the competition field.

Field layout for obedience will be with a starting position on the end nearest the baseball diamond, with the hurdle and A-frame on the left-hand side as one faces into the field.
Field layout for protection will be with a starting position on the end furthest from the baseball diamond, with the blind search starting to the left.

Equipment will be portable blinds, a solid wood hurdle and a carpeted wood A-frame.


Tracking conditions will be posted as we get closer to the event date, but are expected to be on natural grass/hay fields.
Articles will be leather, wood and felt/wool/carpet.

Practice tracking will be made available and directions distributed via e-mail to entrants only after the close of entries.
Note that this location will require a WA State Discover Pass to park in the parking lot and limited parking is available outside the lot along the road.
(purchase a 1-Day Pass or Annual Pass online at

Tracking in any location other than the designated practice tracking location (or other clearly marked public area) is prohibited.
Most fields in the area are private property and are not available for our use at any time.
We have worked very hard to obtain nice fields for this championship, please do not jeopardize the event by trespassing or using any undesignated field for practice.