We are proud to welcome our judge Al Govednik to the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

My name is Albert (Al) J. Govednik. My wife Linda and I currently have 2 German Shepherd Dogs; Ava and Ruger both live and train with us.
I was born on 17 January 1958, in Joliet, Illinois. (This is a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.) I became involved with my first dogs as a boy, working with my father & his hunting breeds. My real passion has been Schutzhund, now called IPO work. My breed of choice since 1984 has been the German Shepherd Dog.
I have worked as an electronic technician for the BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) railway company since 1984, and have been employed in the railroad industry since 1977. Being involved with my local Mustang car club is the other hobby Linda & I are involved with.

I have always been active with the working side of dog training. As a working dog judge, active handler involved with multiple groups, and fancier of multiple breeds I have a rather unique relationship with our membership. I am also a teaching helper and a teaching judge. I have attended 10 international championships as either a competitor, team captain, or a representative of the AWDF. I consider myself extremely fortunate because I am able to attend these events in part because of the work I do, combined with my time on the job.

* = raised & trained from puppy
** = raised & trained from young/untitled dogs
*** = bred, raised & trained from puppy